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Suspense Novel – Remanded To The Night Cafe

Remanded to the Night Café: An Existential Fable

Unique and interesting reads are hard to come by these days. But once in a while, there is a book that stands out—and “Remanded to the Night Café” is one of them. Suspense author M.E. Smith has crafted an engaging story with dynamic characters that takes readers on a journey they never expected. MSW Publishing is pleased to present this fascinating story.

This noir novel features a protagonist, Professor John Clarke, who finds himself in a dire situation almost immediately: a failed marriage, failed eyesight, and dwindling sanity. Throughout the story, readers get to see how the professor got to that point and tag along with him on his journey to redemption.

An Intriguing Cast of Characters

“Remanded to the Night Café” blends the best parts of storytelling—a unique premise, mystery, suspense, inspiring imagery, and a well-designed plot. All of these elements are magnified by the cast of characters.

In this existential novel, you’ll not only meet John Clarke, but also the seductive voice inside his head who makes that promise that sets the plot into motion: John must survive a year and a day to get his sight back.

Sounds easy, right? Not so much. When there are menacing government officials, bikers, and a range of creatures adapted from mythology and thrown into the protagonist’s life, anything goes.

The professor meets a few helpful friends along the way. Together, these supernatural misfits adjust to each other and bring you meaningful moments you’ll not soon forget.

Dive Into A Good Book

A good book captures you from the start and doesn’t let go until the final word. Fine details jump off the page, and you are thrown into a captivating tale that lingers long past the last chapter. Even then, sometimes, it stays with you. Often, you want to dive back in to revisit the characters and get to know them better. An intricate story woven to enthrall your mind makes “Remanded to the Night Café” a resounding success. Dive headfirst into a fantastic fable of intrigue, suspense, and imagination. Your eyes will dance across the pages, and putting the book down will become a feat of willpower. There is little more thrilling than sinking into a great book, becoming lost in the story, and invested in the characters' outcome.

“Remanded to the Night Café” provides readers with a unique perspective of a tale about a man who made mistakes and seeks to rectify them. We can all relate to regrettable decisions. An engaging protagonist has us rooting for his redemption. The supporting cast rounds out the storyline in an ingenious and captivating way. Order your book today and familiarize yourself with author M.E. Smith and his addictive tale of plot twists and misfits.

A Noir Novel You Won’t Want to Put Down

“Remanded to the Night Café” doesn’t just present the journey of Professor John Clarke—it takes you along for the ride. As the story unfolds, you’ll feel the stomach-churning suspense that keeps you on your toes, as well as the moments of reprieve and levity.

Suspense author M.E. Smith understands how to pace novels to keep readers engaged. You won’t experience the fatigue of constant action or the boredom of scenes that drag on. Each chapter—each page—has been carefully written to draw you in and captivate your imagination.

This book is perfect for adult readers who long for adventure, excitement, and mystery. Purchase it for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

A Note from the Author

Contact MSW Publishing today to learn more about “Remanded to the Night Café.” We’re proud to offer this book to readers nationwide.

            It’s Monday morning.    The cold gray sunlight razors through the venetian blinds and the commuters’ autos stalk past the window with angry growls.   In hell, it’s always Monday morning.  I'm sure some great theologian already proclaimed this; I’ll look up the reference, later.   Right now, I march into hell to defend my sins, armed with only a tepid cup of coffee and a cheroot.

            I wanted to write a story that hadn’t been done a thousand times before.    The kind of story that barrels out of your blind spot on the highway, gives you a nasty sideswipe and leaves your hands white and shaking for the rest of the trip to cubicle world.  

            What if Raymond Chandler, Rod Serling and Albert Camus conspired to rewrite Malice in Wonderland over a bottle of absinthe in a smoky bar and grill?   My book, Remanded to the Night Café: An Existentialist Fable,  is my best estimation of the end result.

            My protagonist, Professor John Clarke, starts his journey in a seedy bar in an even seedier part of town.   At first, he appears to be a just another piece of human wreckage; broke, drunk and jobless.   As the narrative unfolds, we learn that John was like the rest of us, not so long ago.    He had a steady job, a wife and a place in the world.   By working hard and playing by the rules, he believed got you security.  Isn’t that what we all shoot for?

            Unfortunately, life tenders no promises; he lost it all.    

            Now, living in a shabby hotel on the government’s dime, John suffers from hysterical blindness.  Stumbling from one misadventure from another, he is urged on by a seductive, enigmatic voice in his head.  At midnight of the winter solstice, the voice gives him a simple offer, survive one year and a day and he'll regain his sight.  

            With this desperate hope hung on an insane premise, he takes up her challenge.  Unsure of his own perceptions, John navigates this dark urban landscape built from funhouse mirrors, populated by;

·         A lonely, betrayed grad student who rejects that final cab drive we all take and finds love with an arms-dealing creature of darkness

·         A con-artist who is looking to make a legendary score and ends up auditioning to be the next great trickster god

·         The last good cop in a city gone bad who learns the difference between law and justice

·         A fashion-conscious fox spirit who wrestles with her own base instincts lest she loses her franchise on humanity

         Between sinister government agents, tutelary bikers and a chess game between voodoo loas, Prof threads his way through these events and prepares to face his own demons and reclaim his destiny.