Mystery Author - M.E. Smith

"You're gonna walk down some dark alleys..."

Available October 12, 2017

Remanded To The Night Cafe:  An Existentialist Fable

"To make your way to the light..."

An Existential Novel Filled With Suspense

“Remanded To The Night Café” offers a dark, suspense filled tale that delves into the paranormal. Find this existential novel online and in stores near you now.

Available October 12, 2017

Remanded To The Night Cafe: An Existential Fable

"To make your way to the light..."

"You're gonna walk down some dark alleys..."

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My name is Mike and I wanted to write a book...

In spite of my sins, I finished it...

A Unique & Interesting Suspense Novel

Are you looking for a unique and interesting suspense novel that is going to put you on a proverbial roller coaster ride? Then you are going to want to add the works of mystery author M.E. Smith to your library.

His latest book—“Remanded to the Night Café”—follows the lives of a collection of down-and-out characters facing insurmountable odds. The cast of characters is unlike those you’ve ever seen in a suspense novel before. You have a professor in trouble, the seductive voice in his head, and a whole gang of supernatural misfits that he meets throughout his adventure. Contact MSW Publishing to learn how you can purchase this genuinely innovative work of fiction.

A Fast-Paced Urban Fantasy & Mystery

Remanded to the Night Café” puts Professor Clarke on the road to redemption as he works to regain his sense and sight while facing menacing officials and murderous bikers. At the same time, he must also work through a messy divorce as the voices in his head push him to the brink of his very sanity.

Filled with suspense, this groundbreaking work of fiction reimagines the noir genre into something utterly fantastic. Find it at your local bookstore and online at Amazon and Smashwords today.

Support Your Local Bookstores

Readers can support local bookstores by ordering the novel through ISBN 978-0999379301. If you love the characters and story as much as Mike, be sure to share it with others. The pacing and structure make this a book a fast and easy read that keeps readers engaged from the first page to the last page.